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Need to hire outsourced IT computer technician in NYC – How to go about scheduling it?

Hire outsourced IT computer technician in NYCIs your company getting too big to fast?  Well, that’s a good problem to have.  That means your computer population is also growing along with your demanding computer user staff.  You probably had some quasi-computer tech first help out with the computer setups and occasional tech issues.  But, as you are expanding, you cannot lose productivity or money trying to wear so many hats.

You may have considered hiring a full-time IT tech guy.  But, that could be costly and time consuming in finding the perfect candidate.  Instead, you should take baby steps and just hire an IT person for certain times or days in the week.  Let’s face it, you don’t need a tech dude hanging out every day twiddling his thumbs.  You want someone to give coverage to your crew for as-needed issues and also be there to take care of any nice-to-have tech list of issues. That means you should figure out specific times for the tech guy to come.

Here’s the checklist of how to plan and schedule an outsourced IT computer technician in NYC to help you out:

  1. Develop an IT short list.  Seek out 3 IT companies and ask them to provide proposals including costs, 3 references, and company background.
  2. Test out your selected IT firm.  It’s not wise to just go knee-deep in the deep in end. Call up your selected IT firm for your next tech issue and see how they handle an impromptu computer issue.  You’ll be setting up a schedule with them, but you still want to see how they handle emergency issues.
  3. Set up the schedule.  Don’t ask for 40 hours a week, at least not at first.  If you need someone daily, set up a schedule of 10am – 2pm to start and see if you need the person shorter or longer.  As with anything, it’s who you hire.  If you hire a senior solid tech guy, he can take care of issues within 4 hours that a junior guy may need 15 hours a day to support.  Don’t overshoot your hours.  If you need someone to come in weekly, go with 2-4 hours to start and use that as a baseline to see if you require more time.
  4. Do you have back-up?  If your main tech is sick, does the selected firm have alternates to sub in.  Hire a company, not a one-person show.

Remember, you’re the customer and get to customize your IT support plan.  Definitely take recommendations from the IT team you select, but make the ultimate decision how you’d like it to play out.

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