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New Mac mini doesn’t come with a CD/DVD drive. No problem. mac support nyc

So, while waiting for the iPhone 5 and other updates to come out, the new mac mini showed up earlier this summer. I’d like to revisit the mac mini, pondering the idea of excluding a CD/DVD slot.  Apple support is really pushing its philosophy of iCloud and online storage.  In step with this logic, Apple only allows its latest Apple operating system to be downloaded from the Apple store.  No DVDs.  Apple has mentioned that they’ll put the operating system on a thumb drive for those who have had Mac issues with the download.  But, no thumb drive with OS software has appeared as of yet.

To further carry on its disk-less philosophy, Apple has produced the new Mac mini without a DVD/CD drive. Of course, it is cheaper due to less man hours and the physical drive itself, but I have to give credit to Apple for removing what has been historically been one of the most used items of a computer: the DVD/CD drive.  Whether it’s an Office CD, game, or music album, the optical drive has had plenty of use. 

But, Apple doesn’t do history. Instead, it is a sales machine with revolutionary ideas.  Once again, Apple is retraining how computer users use a computer.  Apple is pushing everyone to download apps and software from the Apple store, including its operating system.

Within Apple’s foresight was to produce the iOS operating system for the iPad and iPhone. These devices alone have allowed Apple enthusiasts to apply their downloading philosophy devoid any CDs or DVDs.  At first, folks complained that the iPad is not a real computer without a DVD drive, but they adjusted with creating online cloud accounts to share files between their computers and iPads.

Even though there’s no DVD/CD drive in the Mac mini, you can still wirelessly load disks.  How? With the DVD/CD sharing technology, you can place a disk in a PC or another Mac and then wirelessly run the disk from the Mac Mini.  I haven’t heard of anyone trying this so I can’t report on any computer issues, but it is an option if necessary.

So, when buying your next Mac Mini, MacBook Air, or another diskless Mac computer, be proud to be part of this revolutionary online process.  Or go kicking and screaming by keeping around an external DVD drive!

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