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New office? Need network cabling for your computers? What’s the best way to get started?

network cable installMoving to a new office is a nice new stage in life and in business.  It’s a sign of growth or a fresh space to work with.  In regard to getting Internet-ready and setting up network cabling, I’m here to guide you through the best way to get started.

First of all, network cabling refers to connecting your computers, primarily desktops, iMacs, laptops, and other devices that require hard-wire cabling.  This cabling can be Cat 5,Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7, or another speed.  The faster the cabling speed, the more it will cost naturally.  As the the speed of cabling, please note your network will only be as fast as the slowest link on your network.  If you have an older switch at 10MB, your network will run at the snail’s pace of 10MB. So, you’ll need to ensure all your devices are running on the same peppy speed.

Next, determine which computers or computer desks require hard-wire cabling.  There may be folks or desks that are using laptops.  The laptops may just need wireless connectivity.  So, don’t overpay.  These devices don’t need to be include for the network cabling install project.  Also, be mindful to add any peripherals and equipment, such as network scanners, printers, and servers that will need server ports and cabling added.

Further, it is wise to ask for a network cabling company to stop into your office for an assessment.  This will allow the company and you to strategize the best solution along with gathering a quote for approval.  It’s not enough to just get quotes over the phone as this most likely will be a rough estimate and not accurate.

When going ahead with your network cabling install company, make sure you get a clear task list of what will be performed along with the cost of it.  You should ask for a flat fee cost to complete the project. Hourly rates should not be provided if you clearly know what cabling requirements you need.

If you are looking to schedule a time in for a free assessment of your network cabling project in NYC, feel free to contact us to set up a time.  We are very experienced in this and look forward to helping you!

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