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New York Computer Help launches its own computer repair animation.

In a world of rigid science, New York Computer Help is looking to rock the world with its entertaining computer repair animation.  Computers and technicians sometimes may be portrayed as, well, boring.  My main purpose behind the animation is to breathe new energy, life, and most importantly, calm, within the computer users out there. 

All computer issues don’t have to be life-shattering.  Many folks do a complete 180 and think their worlds are ending or get extremely depressed when a computer virus or loss of data occurs.  Or if their computers crash or cannot access the Internet.  Clients will come into our office crying while dropping off their crashed computer.  This type of emotion is similar to that of a baby.  An baby or infant will also do a 180 and freak out if he or she is hungry, tired, or has a dirty diaper.  That’s why we used babies in the computer repair animation.  This is to showcase the type of early emotions computer users have when their computers go belly-up.   

We take it a step further by showing it’s not necessary to get upset or cry when your computer is dead.  If there’s a computer problem, we can fix it.  So, don’t cry or get upset!  We become part-psychologist, part-technician when supporting computer users throughout the process.  This computer repair animation is trying to get the point across to computer users that they don’t need consoling or treatment.  Don’t worry, we’ll fix it.

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