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No connected camera error Mac fix – How to fix “no connected camera” error on your Mac – Mac repair nyc – iSight camera error fix nyc

there-is-no-connected-camera-mac-repair-nyciSight not working?  No connected camera error on your Mac?  Yes, it is frustrating when you just want to have a video chat with someone whether it’s iChat, Skype, Gtalk, or another app.  Usually, the VDCAssistant of your Mac will launch when there’s a Mac webcam issue.  This is the program that controls the webcam.  It should quit the program when there’s a webcam problem on your Mac so it will be cleared and ready to go for your next webcam session.  But, it may get gummed up in the background, causing persistent camera issues.

Here’s how to force-quit the VDCAssistant program to fix your “no connected camera” issue:

  1. Quit the camera program.
  2. Open the Terminal and run this command:  sudo killall VDCAssistant
  3. Re-launch your camera app program.

If this still doesn’t work, perhaps you are using an external USB webcam.  If so, unplug and replug your camera.  If that doesn’t work, perform the classic power off and on for your Mac.

If you’re still having issues, feel free to go to your local NYC Mac repair service company for further assistance.

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