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No iTunes for Windows 8? – How to install iTunes on Windows 8 – Why Apple won’t let Windows 8 run iTunes

Is it true you can’t use iTunes on Windows 8?  Apple has decided to not make a new iTunes version for Windows 8?  What does that mean?  It means that iTunes version 11 and above won’t work with Windows 8.  But, of course, as your in-house tech guru, and quasi hacker, I’m here to help.

Need to run iTunes on Windows 8
New York Computer Help will help you install iTunes on Windows 8

Here’s how to install iTunes on Windows 8:

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox if you don’t already have it.
  2. Go to iTunes.
  3. Save new iTunes download to your computer anywhere.
  4. Right-click the iTunes file and Run as Administrator.
  5. Finish the setup and you’ll be able to use iTunes on your Windows 8 computer.

If you have Windows RT as an operating system, which is mostly found on Windows tablets, you won’t be able to run iTunes.  Why Apple has decided to freeze out Windows is not a new story.  When iTunes originally was released, it was not Windows supported.  In fact, it was only made for Apple support computers.  Only when Windows 2000 and XP came out was iTunes a possibility for PC service users.

I think it’s a bold move, but smart strategic one, by Apple.  It’s picking up steam with the overall PC and technology support market.  Why not go for the jugular and turn out the lights on the PC world.  It feels that iTunes is so well-followed that PC users are willing to change platforms to still use it.  I, on the other hand. and happy with Spotify, Pandora, and other free music streaming services.  After all, there comes a point in your life where keeping up with the latest music gets expensive.

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