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Nook review – Should I buy the Nook? – Did the Nook pass the 2-year-old test?

%image_alt%This morning was Daddy and son time so I went to the nearest Barnes and Noble store to read to my 2-year old boy.  As we attempted to navigate to the children’s book section, we both tripped over the larger-than-life Nook store display.  Several tables were set up at the entrance of the store with $99 black-and-white to $199 in-color Nooks.  Barnes and Noble has definitely stolen a page from the Apple display book here.

Back to the point at hand.  I’ve done head-to-head testing myself with the Nook versus the Amazon Fire versus the iPad.  The Nook was always the low-man on the totem pole with my technology support trials. 

But, now it was time to put it to the 2-year-old test.  It may sound ridiculous, but it’s really not.  There’s one simple objective:  hold my son’s attention for more than 20 seconds.  If it’s easy enough for a 2-year-old to handle and manipulate, I’m sold that it’s interface is easy enough to use for the beginner computer user which is key.  By the way, my son can turn on, off, and select videos and pictures on the iPad.  Okay, I’m bragging a little bit here, but can you blame me?  The point is he has been able to work the iPad support-wise with no problems navigation-wise and keeps his attention for minutes to sometimes hours.

How did the Nook fare for my 2-year-old boy?  Total failure!  Not only did it not keep his attention more than 5 seconds, it had a common computer freeze we are accustomed to on our laptop or desktop.  He was on the home screen and my son swiftly chose to select a book to read.  Of course, he chose the Harry Potter book that was on display.  But, as he was about to open it, the Nook froze!  I guess that’s what you get for $99.  We went to the Nook Color, and attempted to go to the Internet.  It took longer than he could wait for so we skipped it and moved onto reading some Yo Gabba Gabba books upstairs.

The iPad is definitely the clear winner regarding the easy-navigation test with the Amazon Fire coming in a close second.  That being said, I’m sure a lot of impulse holiday buyers will purchase the Nook, being that the Barnes and Noble display is obnoxiously large and hard to miss when you enter the store.%image_alt%

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