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Now you can go to the doctor online! A Zipnosis review by New York Computer Help

How many times do you go through the same dreaded trip to the doctors’ office, and you already know what’s wrong%image_alt% with you.  Probably the last thing you want to do is leave your house when you’re not feeling well. 

Zipnosis lets you get your prescription while staying in your pajamas.  Pretty cool, right? 

Here’s how Zipnosis works:

  1. The service treats 8 common ailments, such as: colds, strep throat, sinus infections, and allergies. 
  2. To be a patient, you would need to be in somewhat good health without disease or chronic issues.
  3. When you’re sick, you log into this Zipnosis site to relay your symptoms which are passed to the doctor.
  4. Patients get an email or text when the doctor’s response is ready to read online.
  5. The doctor’s response includes a prescription, if necessary, e-mailed to the patient’s pharmacy for $25.
  6. If the patient’s issue is more severe, he’ll request an office visit and waive the $25 fee.

%image_alt%We love this medical service.  Patients avoid the long wait and doctors can filter out less serious medical issues and take care of more severe ones.  Down the road, this could also alleviate crowding in hospitals since less populated doctor’s offices will allow for faster emergency response times in doctor’s offices.

The technical support end of this is very cool.  Patients can even use a Blackberry or iPhone to direct which pharmacy%image_alt% their precriptions will go to.  And all you have to do is log into the website to get an update of your records along with rolling history.

Here’s the kicker:  Zipnosis is only available in Minnesota.  However, if it goes well, it will open up nationwide.  Hopefully, this will also spawn current doctors offices to offer the same technology support going forward.

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