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NYC iphone repair – Can I replace my own iPhone screen? – Can I repair my own iPhone – Fix / Replace my own iPhone screen – iPhone screen repair / replacement

Can I replace my own iPhone screenLately, we have been receiving a flourish of over-achieving DIY’ers (Do-it-yourself’ers) with mangled iPhones.  They attempted to replace the iPhone screen after it broke, and let’s just say the iPhone won.  Unfortunately, in many cases, getting sloppy seconds on an iPhone screen fix is not as straight-forward. 

In more hopeful cases, the DIY’ers lost confidence mid-way and stopped.  No more prying and opening means that we were able to replace the iPhone screen with either their part or ours, depending if their eBay or other onsite part worked.  In more grim cases, the DIY’ers stubbornly pushed, unscrewed, and prodded, leading to torn connectors and parts.  We have seen damaged logic boards due to the aggressive pushing of screws.  That is the worst situation and usually not worth fixing as the logic board itself usually costs anywhere from $200 – $400 depending on the model and storage size.  Plus, the photos, music, and files are lost beyond data recovery since the data is stored on the logic board.

So, the answer to “Can I repair my iPhone” is well, it depends on your iPhone expert skills, tech savvy, and how good you are with patience and your hands.  If you do try to repair your own iPhone and get confused or lost in the middle, please stop work and bring it to the NYC iPhone repair shop, New York Computer Help to finish the job, or further repair.

The lowest rate is $75 to replace an iPhone 4 / 4S screen and $55 to replace the iPhone 3 / GS screens.  If you already have the screen, the rate is typically $60.  Keep in mind that the job is double the time and effort since our iPhone techs have to retrace your steps, start from scratch, and perform the full job.  So, if you’re thinking of performing your own iPhone screen repair or other iPhone fix, just make sure you tread carefully and don’t break any other parts.  Or just bring it to New York Computer Help for an on-the-spot 15 minute fix that will easy your stress levels and get the job done right the first time around.

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