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Onsite Business IT Support​

Network down? No Internet? Computer virus? Computer slow or not working? Need to set up a new PC or Mac? New York Computer Help will take care of all your home or office IT needs. Our motto of “treating ever customer’s computer like it is our own mother’s computer” will, in effect, provide you with personalized, friendly, professional, and trustworthy computer repair service. Get competent, affordable, fast computer service NYC help now.

Be covered for all your company’s computer needs

Office computer repair and business IT service at its best. New York Computer Help provides reliable and timely business computer support services. Whether you have a critical IT issue, a project, or would like periodic IT maintenance, we will provide the optimal solution to meet your company’s goals and objectives. We look forward to developing a long and successful relationship with you and your company.

Technical issues and projects may seem daunting.  Don’t worry, we will make your life easier and take away this pressure.

You will received a well-informed assessment and qualified solution to ensure your company’s network is performing optimally.  Our technical experts have experience with resolving all office computer issues and preventing future ones.  We are certified in installing and upgrading networks.  Contact us for an assessment, IT solution, and server/network projects.

Why Choose Our IT Support Services

Senior IT Staff

Personalized tech service

Affordable Rates

Job completes in half the time.

5 star reviews

Best customer service.

Office PC/Mac repairs. Tune-ups. Virus removals. Back-ups. Security.

Get your office computer repair issues taken care of fast and on the first try. Leave all your office IT support to us so you can get back to your other priorities at work. We will come onsite, on time, and ready to meet all of your company IT service objectives. That’s the way you should expect onsite business IT support. On time and done perfectly. Consider us your in-house computer service team. We are just a phone call, email, or click away!

Behind the scenes is a very proactive owner, Joe Silverman, who has a vast IT recruitment and computer service background.  Leveraging this experience and network has enabled New York Computer Help to recruit and retain an extremely talented Senior IT staff.   The beauty of our personalized tech service is that we have 25+ experienced techs to hand-pick from to provide you the perfect IT rep and service match.  In essence, you get a high quality specialist perfectly matched for you and your issue or project.  Most of all, you won’t have the headaches of scouring the Internet for lesser qualified individuals who will perform at a subpar level.

Our standard company computer service rate is $150/hour.  Plus, we offer support discounts for dedicated IT support bulk requests.  Yes, that’s significantly lower than other computer repair service companies.  Many factors are considered here including:  generously paying our tech experts, the cost of training/certifications as well as insuring each and every onsite company computer service visit.  You may see lower rates from lower qualified computer repair companies.  We are confident that our experienced techs will complete your job thoroughly and completely in half the time it takes another place.  Plus, it will be a permanent IT fix that will last for years.  In the end, you’ll save money with us.  The value / cost proposition with New York Computer Help is a win-win.

It’s true, we have lifers at our company.  Our average tenure at New York Computer Help is 10+ years.  Come to think of it, if our techs have passed our rigorous interview and hands-on IT tech test, they are still with us currently!  How do we keep our talent?  The tech industry is chock-full of different areas and specializations.  We let our computer technicians decide which role and specialty moves them the most.  This passion transfers over to a high level of dedication, satisfaction, and job happiness.  In turn, you as the customer is the one who benefits by receiving a responsible, dedicated, and high-level IT expert.  Hire us in full confidence knowing your company is in good hands.

It’s true, customers love us on Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Angie’s List, Facebook, and other review sites.  In fact, many of our customers come from word of mouth via family members, friends, and trusted associates.  We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and perfect computer service possible.  This combination has allowed us to be touched by hundreds of thousands of happy customers since we opened our doors in 2000.  In short, we are relentless at ensuring you and every customer we meet is completely 100% satisfied.

We care – Yes, it’s that simple.  At the end of the day, if you’re just in this for the money, you will fail.  We have been providing computer support since 2000 for the sole purpose of helping people.  We aim for a smile on everyone’s face and pure satisfaction.  Also, our team genuinely loves all-things tech.  It is not only what we do in the day, but also our hobby and passion.  These two items of genuinely wanting to help others to make them happy along with our passion for tech is a combination you will benefit from with positive results.

Interested in our IT support services?

Some added benefits of using our IT Support Services

Ideal Network Strategy

Assess and implement best environment for technology goals

Secure Network

Automated protection against viruses, spyware, spam, and threats

Easy File Sharing

Share via server, network, drive, network, cloud, and more

Security Protection

Protect against viruses, spyware, pop-ups, spam, and hackers


Get computer running as fast as possible

Speed up Internet

Access Internet and email fast. No delays or time outs


Remove unnecessary programs / files to prevent software conflicts

Physical Dusting / Cleaning

Remove dust and keep your equipment clean.

Constant Diagnostics

Identify potential computer issues and avoid downtime.

Optimal Email Solution

Email system will be optimized or replaced to deliver best results.

Routine Diagnostics / Checklist

Preventative maintenance and tests to resolve issues before they occur.

Quick Remote Access

Home and traveling users will easily access network files.

Fix Computer Repairs

Computers crashes and hardware failures will be immediately resolved.

Open Communication

Network updates, equipment inventory, IT reports, and recommendations will be provided.

Flexible / Addordable IT Plans

Schedule maintenance, bulk hours, managed services, same-day support, and customized plans.

Stable File Back-up

Servers and computers will be backed up and tested

Interested in our onsite business support services? Schedule a chat with us to discuss more!