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Parents: Beware of kids i-dosing on the Internet – Internet safety tip

%image_alt%A new drug is out.  It’s called i-dosing.  I-dosing is the new digital drug where kids are getting high off of an MP3.  This is no joke since the MP3 provides the same physiological effects as drugs provide. 

Here’s how it works.  High school kids get in contact with online dealers.  Some dealers will give a teaser, as%image_alt% would crack dealer would, by giving a YouTube video for free.  Then, they’ll ask for money for another MP3 to i-dose to.  The tech support process is easy.  As long as someone knows how to download a file, they can i-dose. 

The MP3 has special sounds, imagery, and lights to provide the same sensation that certain real %image_alt%drugs provide.  Pictures of kids after these MP3’s show total elation and a drug-like experience.

Psychologists reported that this i-dosing experience may lead to drug-like addiction, depression, as well as a gateway to real-life drugs.  Oklahoma has the first high schools with  i-dosing students.  Their faculty is trying to prevent this by eliminating iPhones, iPods, and other digital devices within classrooms.  Although i-dosing is usually done at the students’ homes, they may be downloading the mp3’s in school.  Schools can cut down on this by prohibiting downloads on their school wi-fi network.  This may be done by configuring the firewall properly or inputting security precautions on the server.  Parents can prevent i-dosing at home by locking down their kids’ computers by blocking certain genres of Internet sites with programs like WOT.

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