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PC Runs Loud and Noisy

Bang bang, click click, clunkity clunk. These are all noises your Windows laptop or desktop may make. The question is, “Where is it coming from?” And more importantly, “How can it be fixed?”


PC loud, noisy sounds we support:

  • Grinding, noisy, loud fan
  • Clicking hard drive
  • Failing power supply
  • Damaged heat sink
  • Loose screws
  • Overall loud humming sound
  • Intermittent sounds

What can you expect from our NYC loud and noisy PC repair service?

  • A full diagnosis to confirm the exact reason why your laptop or desktop is noisy.
  • A clear, flat fee price of the repair cost for your approval to quiet down and fix your PC.
  • A prompt repair service fix within 1 – 2 days to fix your loud PC issue.
  • A service warranty of 60 days ensuring your full satisfaction.
PC runs loud and noisy $85 – $175


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