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Windows 8 Repair

Windows 8 is cheaper, faster, has lots of apps, and integrates SkyDrive for online storage.  But, Windows 8 computers break down too, and we are happy provide a free diagnostic to provide the repair cost.

Common Windows 8 repairs we resolve:

  • Restarting on it own
  • Hangs at shut down
  • Windows updates don’t install
  • Doesn’t start after Windows 8.1 update
  • Cannot install / upgrade Windows 8
  • Software doesn’t work properly
  • Drivers don’t work
  • Slow start-up or in general

Should I fix my Windows 8 computer or just buy a new one?

Quite candidly, we would have told you never to buy one in the first place. Just as Windows Vista had inherent Windows system issues, so does Windows 8 out of the box. Out of the box meaning it has the potential to easily have software driver conflicts, Windows update instability issues, and blue screen errors. But, with some configuring by our Windows 8 experts, we’ll be able to ensure your Windows 8 laptop or desktop is set up to avoid these conflicts and typical Windows 8 repair issues.

Drop in anytime for a free diagnostic so we can also give you an honest diagnostic of your Windows 8 problem. Is it worth it to fix or just buy a new computer? Should you downgrade to Windows 7 or wait until the next version of Windows comes out? We’ll be the first to tell you to get rid of it if it’s not worth it being we have such a high regard for it. If there’s an easy, reasonably priced fix, we will let you know that as well. Either way, rest assured knowing you’ll get a blatantly honest diagnostic and Windows 8 repair service.If you’re a good sleuth, investigator, or have time on your hands, you can take a picture or jot down what Windows 7 error message is and simply Google it. Then, you’ll get a ton of different sites presenting different Windows 7 error message solutions. Which one should you pick? Well, go with the most credible website source or one with the most activity and comments. Yes, you run the risk of damaging your computer more if you’re not sure what you’re doing, or if you’re given faulty info. If you don’t have the time or tech know-how, we’re only a free diagnostic away.

Windows 8 Repair $85 – $150

Need Your Computer Repaired?