Windows Vista Repair

Windows Vista has been known to cause PC issues. Our Windows Vista specialists will provide a free diagnostic, locating the exact source of the the problem along with the associated repair cost. Don’t give up hope as we’ve been known to perform miracles on Vista issues.

Common Windows Vista issues we service:

  • Performance lag or freezing
  • Software compatibility issues
  • Hardware / driver conflicts
  • Won’t start up after Vista update
  • Remote access / VPN problems
  • Windows updates fail to install
  • Long start-up / shut-down process
  • Won’t come out of sleep mode

Why does Windows Vista get such a bad rep?

Known as the BSOD OS, or the operating system that always gets blue screens of deaths, Windows definitely is not the most stable of machines. We believe that Microsoft released Windows Vista too fast, causing lots of conflicts and Vista issues, leading to the dreaded blue screen of death.

Yes, we’re not fans of Windows Vista, but we are experienced and certified to take care of all your Windows Vista issues. Simultaneously, we get pleasure knowing that we are fixing what Microsoft should have fixed originally. Killing two birds with one stone, fixing your Vista issue and showing Microsoft who’s boss!

Windows Vista Repair $85 – $150

Free diagnostics. Same-day service. You can’t beat that!

Get your computer fixed at the best computer repair shop in NYC. Know the cost first before the fix. You will receive a complimentary diagnostic providing the exact flat fee for your repair. There is no obligation and no hidden fees. Get an upfront flat fee along with a speedy turn-around time. 

Walk In

Stop in at your convenience. We'll put you in for next available tech.

Free Diagnostic
  • No reservation required. Just walk in at your convenience.
  • We'll accommodate you for the next available time slot.
  • Provide your tech issue and contact info when you arrive.
  • Free Diagnostic - Receive a flat fee cost and ETA of repair.

Schedule a Reservation

Beat the line by scheduling a slot with our technician. Speed up your visit process.

Free Diagnostic
  • Book an appointment in advance.
  • Receive priority for your appointment time.
  • Speed up the process by creating a repair ticket in advance.
  • Free Diagnostic - Receive a flat fee cost and ETA of repair.