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Peach, the next Facebook. Or at least another way to waste time.

Peach app reviewPeach, exclusive only to iPhone users for now, is the new “it” factor in regard to social media.  If you haven’t had enough time to waste during your downtime and well, let’s face it, your work time, your play time, your anytime you can sneak a peek at your phone.  Well, here’s another app that will pull you away from your day-to-day stuff.

Peach, started by Dom Hofmann, co-found of Vine, has a text-messaging look to it.  You see your friends in a list similar to WhatsApp or other text messaging apps.  So, the tech Peach app logosupport end of it is quick and easy.  It’s familiar so no worries on text messaging.  From there, you can send a message like other apps.  The secret weapon for Peach is that you can draw something right on the screen that becomes a GIF and instantly sendable.  This kind of sketchable graphic is a new feature that is new to the social media space.  Instead of typing words, you can send over a picture.  This may be useful for pie charts, logo creatiion, color identification, sports plays, etc.   You can send more emoticons that make sense, wave, boop, and more sophisticated pokes.

The cool factor is that your texts disappear after 48 hours.  That’s right, gone!  At first, I thought well, that’s a lot of hard work gone.  But, we’re not Wikipedia people! You don’t want a book about you especially if some stuff is embarrassing.  This is a way for the the Snapchat found to push the need to keep checking content before it’s gone.  Smart, eh?

Why try Peach? For one, Facebook and Twitter are 10+ years old now and maybe we should try something new.  Sure, Instagram and Snapchat is more of niche sites, allowing for more personalities and selection of friends.  I’ve downloaded it, drew cool pics and texted.  If you’re still on the fence, at least get your username now before it gets taken! Now, if only I could find a few friends to play with on Peach… I’m at @newyorkcomputerhelp.

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