Nexus Repair Services

Bring your Nexus phone to our Nexus repair NYC shop for an on-the-spot fix.  You will be in and out in 30-40 minutes. Experience perfection – original parts, qualified Nexus techs, and guaranteed service.  We specialize in replacing Nexus cracked screens.  Combine that with original Nexus screens plus a 6 month warranty, and you’ve got yourself a win-win situation.

We are fully committed and stand behind our Nexus screen replacement NYC service.  If you’re not happy, don’t pay a dime.  That’s our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We’re confident you’ll be happy, but want you to be assured and reduce any worries on your part.  Our goal is to return your Nexus back not just working order, but also back to factory condition status.  You will feel like you have a brand new Nexus after we’re done with it.

We are not saying we know it all, but when it comes to any Nexus device, we got this one in the bag.  We’ve seen it all.  We have replaced the worst Nexus cracked screen and revived it back to pristine condition.  You are a Nexus owner and there is a higher prestige with that.  We fully understand and feel like you deserve premium service to go along with your superior phone.

Experience brand new, genuine parts, and a 6 month warranty.  Nothing but the best.

Screen-Replacement Screen Replacement$150$60$125$50$60 
battery-replacemen Battery Replacement$75N/A $60 $50 $40  
Power-button Power Button$100N/A $60 $50$40  
chargeing-portCharging Port$75N/A $60 $50$40  
headphone-jack Headphone Jack$95N/A $60 $50$40  
speakerSoundN/AN/A $60 $50 $40  
camera Camera$50-$150N/A $60 $50 $40  
water-spill Water SpillAll phones require free diagnostic to determine flat fee