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Print out food through your computer! Fab@Home project – top tech gadget

Eating food is great.  Hey, it’s one of my passions.  But, preparing food is a drag.  It never tastes as good as when you%image_alt% order it in a restaurant.  More importantly, it takes time away from blogging and providing computer support.

My alma mater, Cornell University, has put together a top tech team of scientists to design the first printer that can prepare food for you.  Really, the 3D printer will be able to produce cereal, sandwiches, cookies, you name it!  At its core, the design is possible with ingredients, such as milk, apple juice, cranberry, and other liquids to replace where the ink is usually stored.  All the other materials are stainless steel, silicone, and cement, conducive to a food preparation environment.

Unfortunately, the product is still in the lab, and has no date of when to be released to the market.  Oh yeah, it’s estimated to cost $1,300.  This is definitely a little steep, especially considering the tech support needed to work with this bleeding edge of technology gadget.  %image_alt%

MIT has also come up with a 3D food printer called Cornucopia.  It’s product is pending government review.  Although I’m biased towards the Big Red at Cornell, MIT has my school beat with its cool design.  However, the scientists at Cornell are already on their second design and seem more prepared to bring its product to market.

One thing is for sure.  I’m sure a lot of people with be exciting to see how this fares.  If it works, I would definitely splurge on a product like this if it will save me time making meals.

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