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Protecting your data after laptop theft – data recovery / security tip

How do ensure your data is protected even when your computer is stolen?  There’s one thing to back up your data periodially, but how do you ensure your potential laptop thief doesn’t access your%image_alt% confidential info?  Once your laptop is in the wrong hands, is there a way to lock down your computer so it’s not accessible?

Yes, you can take steps to make sure your potential laptop thief cannot view your important, personal files.  Here are a few ways to lock down your system:

  1. Encrypt your filesBitlocker for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and TruCrypt for Mac and Linux scramble all info until the owner provides a password to decramble and access files.
  2. Lock down your computerLoJack and The Cyber Angel track down your lost computer and remove data upon theft.

Taking the extra effort to back up your files as well as protecting your data after laptop theft will not only give you peace of mind, but can prevent possible credit card theft, banking account fraud, and other awful actions from having your data in the wrong hands.  The technical support setup is easy when setting up encryption or locking down your computer.  Of course, the computer setup for these steps has to be performed prior to the theft, so get on it now!

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