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PS4 or Xbox One – Should I buy the Playstation 4 or Xbox One?

xbox-one-vs-ps4This always seems to be the holiday dilemma: Playstation or Xbox?  Which one should you buy?  Now, in the ring is the PS4 battling the Xbox One.  Which one is the better product to go for this holiday season?

Here’s why you should go for the Playstation 4.  It’s a gamer’s machine.  Similar games looks better on Sony’s console and it’s $100 cheaper if you don’t need the camera module.  PS4 offers early beta games you can get your hands on and sports a sleeker design.

Here’s why you should go for the Xbox One.  It can act as your living room’s primary media device, allowing for watching live TV with its HDMI input.  You can send videos, photos, and music to other devices with it also.  It has better and more games.  The Kinect and voice control definitely beat out the Playstation’s gadgets.

So, who wins?  The Xbox One really has it all.  Games, high-tech support system, and easily controllable.  Go for the Xbox One.

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