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Do I really need anti-virus software? – Can I get by without anti-virus software?

Do-I-Need-Anti-Virus-software-on-my-computerAnti-virus software:  Do I really need it?  Wow, where shall I start?  Should you wear a seat belt while driving your car?  Should you wear sunscreen on vacation?  Should you look both ways before crossing the street?  Should you wear protection if your single and don’t want kids yet?

Okay, maybe that last one went a bit far.  But, I think you catch my drift.  Yes, you need anti-virus software.  If we want to talk specifics about when you might need anti-virus software, let’s see when your computer might not need it.  If you will not connect your computer to the Internet ever or share files via a flash or external drive, okay, then, that’s when you won’t need anti-virus software.  But, I don’t think you are living in the Stone Ages, are you?!

If you’re computer is connected to the Internet, have email, share files, well, then, get anti-virus software!  It’s so easy to contract a computer virus or spyware, or just annoying computer pop-ups.  And you know what, why take a chance!  Yes, you can go to a local computer virus removal service in NYC to take care of it, but why spend more money later when you can spend a fraction of it to protect your computer.

I have a Mac, do I still need anti-virus software?  Yes, you have a Mac and yes Macs are great, but we see Macs with viruses here and there too.  Take-away, you are not immune to viruses just because you have a Mac.  Get off your high horse and install security software like the rest of the PC peasants.

Which anti-virus software is good?  Get a paid one i.e. Norton, Trend Micro, McAfee, Avast, which ensures you have proactive updates and removals if an when viruses attack.  Free software only removes viruses upon daily scans which is reactive and sometimes too late.

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