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Recession-proof do-it-yourself computer service in NYC – Ghetto-fab computer fixes!

Laptop cooling issue repair nycLiving on the cheap?  Looking to save a few bucks?  Aren’t we all.  Now, with a few tips, you’ll be able to remain recession-proof with your DIY computer repair.  

Here are a few scenarios where you can fix your computer yourself with a little Ghetto fab “flavah”.  A little time never killed anyone, right?

  • Got a blue screen, a.k.a. BSOD or blue screen of death?  Solution:  Google it!  Jot down your error code # and read up on the how-to for fixing it.
  • Computer not turning on?  Take a deep breath, say a few choice words, and take out the power cord if a desktop.  Remove the battery if a battery.  Then, plug back in and power on. That’s fixing your computer in a pinch and on the cheap.
  • No internet?  Here’s a lovely band-aid, cheap fix.  Use another browser!  If you’re using the How to cool computerdreaded Internet Explorer, install and use Chrome or Firefox.  Sideswipe your browser!
  • Laptop running hot? Get a $20 cooling plate from Staples and stick it under it.  Better yet, take a regular fan and direct it towards the laptop or desktop.  That’s it!  No need to replace the fan or pay for anything else.  Chill it out!
  • External hard drive clicking and failing?  Stick it in the freezer for 5 minutes.  Then, plug it in again and transfer your files quickly.  Keep in mind that your drive will completely be useless in an hour or so after that.  Hey, that’s the reckless life you lead living on the cheap!
  • Got mad and threw your laptop at someone?  Cracked laptop screen?  Yeah, you could fix it, by why should you when you can just get some scotch tape and tape those cracks up?!
  • Desktop too noisy?  Slap the side of it and then throw a rug, extensions, fake fur, or anything with fuz or hair in it underneath the desktop tower.  It will dampen the noise.

This is how you can fix your computer with a little Ghetto-fab swerve to it.  Hey, I’d warn you that these are not actual opinions or recommendations from real IT techs, but I think you’re smart enough to know that.

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Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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