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Reducing your Home Tech Expenses during COVID-19

We’re all in the business of cutting costs now. Yes, we’re an essential computer repair service in providing tech support to the Manhattan community and beyond. But, we’re also always focused on reducing costs and keeping our customers mean and lean when it comes to tech productivity. After all, that’s how we approach each and every client. Treat them and their operations like we do our own. Only use and pay for what is needed.

So, we’ve come up with a list of items you should review. Check out these items to see if you can eliminate anything or reduce costs.

The Internet

This is a big one. You probably already know that you may be able to postpone your bill from your Internet provider. This to me is just a delayed payment you’ll eventually have to make so it’s pretty useless. Instead, call up your Internet provider, i.e. Spectrum, Verizon, Comcast, and ask if there are similar packages that are cheaper. Or check to see if there are free upgrades at the same cost.

Your modem and router

You’re at home more than ever now. We’ve been getting flooded with requests to install new wireless routers because the signal is slowed down due to more computers sharing the Internet. Zoom video conferences during remote IT chats chug up a lot of bandwidth. Instead of buying additional equipment, call up your Internet provider and complain about the speed and the wireless. If you haven’t replaced your modem in the last year, request a new all-in-one modem and wireless router equipment for your home. More times than not, it will be be faster than what you have now and it will cover your apartment surface area. Plus, you won’t have to pay for additional equipment that may not be effective.

Your cell phone

This a good one to call up for also. Packages change all the time. If you have kids on your plan, maybe consider taking them off cell service and just use WiFi for them. After all, they’re homebound on not going anywhere. Also, it’s the time to see if you’re paying for any miscellaneous services you don’t need any longer like extra protection, extended warranties, and bloated data plans.

Your alarm system

If you have one, it’s also worth a quick buzz. It can’t hurt to ask to bring down the monthly bill if possible. Obviously, your home is your domain and you need to protect it. As such, you can mention you are home more than ever now and really signed up because you were mostly out of the house before. This rationale will hopefully let you make the claim to bring down the rate or you may cancel it.

The point with all this is to be proactive and ask to reduce the rate. It can’t hurt to try and we all kind of have more time on our hands. At the same time, you can also perform your due diligence and call other companies to see what their rates are.

Good luck, stay safe, and hope you get better rates for your tech stuff.

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