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Samsung Galaxy S5: Should I buy it?


Samsung Galaxy S5 is out.  Should I buy it?  That’s the latest question that is popular among our IT support customers.  Let’s get right to it.  Samsung support played it safe on this one.

Here are the important specs:

  • Screen size:  1 inch larger at 5.1-inches
  • Weight:  A smidge heavier than the S4
  • Colors:  Blue, Black, White, and Gold
  • Design:  Double-beveled silver sides frame the phone
  • Fingerprint reader:  Like the iPhone 5S, it’s built right into the home button
  • Heart-rate monitor:  There’s one on the back.
  • Camera:  16MP on the back and front.  Pretty amazing for the front.  More than double than the S4.
  • Processor:  2.5Ghz Snapdragon 801
  • RAM:  16GB – 32GB
  • Waterproof!:  Take a bath with the S5 for up to 30 minutes and it will still live on!  Or go down to 3 feet.  Pretty cool!

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S5?  It’s not a huge change from the S4 apart from the double the camera resolution and waterproof nature.  I’m not happy that it’s heavier and doesn’t have much of a design change.  If you have the need to check your heart rate and want high-quality photos, this is one for you.  If you already have the S4 and not eligible for an upgrade, don’t jump for this one.  Even if you need a Samsung Galaxy S4 screen replacement, don’t go for it, it’s not worth it.  If you have the S3, now is the time, however, to make the jump since it’s a big improvement.

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