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Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab Tablet PC – tablet computer support review

Everyone is going tablet-crazy nowadays.  Well, this is in the hopes to gain some market share on Apple’s iPad.  The%image_alt% new kid on the block is the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Tablet PC.  Samsung has put out a new 7-inch tablet that will be the operating system install of Android.  Imagine the Droid on steroids, or, well, maybe just on a bigger screen. 

Here’s the cool factor of the Samsung.  It will be geared towards renting and purchasing TV shows.  Whether these programs will be live is yet to be seen.  NBC, MTV, and Paramount have already signed up as content partners and the way to view content is Media Hub, not iTunes.

It will only be offered as a wi-fi version and ATT has already gotten the jump on it for its broadband service in the future.  In terms of specs, it’s right up there with the iPad for fast computer speed- 1GHZ processor and 512MB RAM.  It goes beyond the iPad by offering a 3.2 megapixel camera with video recording and flash!  It comes with 16GB storage which is a bit stingy, but you can upgrade the hard drive storage with the expansion card slot.  GPS and bluetooth also run on the Galaxy Tab. 

Head-to-head, iPad showcases a longer battery, bigger screen and has the well-know iTunes store for downloading music, movies, and shows.  The Samsung differs by being small, more portable and has a camera.  The iPad allows more internal storage space which is important for increasing your movie list, but it doesn’t have a camera. 

The iPad still wins this battle because of the longer battery life and the shortcoming of Samsung claiming to be more portable yet has shorter battery life.  That defeats the whole purpose of portability.  The iPad can last up to 25 hours whereas the Galaxy lasts up to 7-10.  Obviously, 7-10 hours is not bad at all, but if you can have a longer battery life, why not opt for it?!  Yes, the Galaxy is lighter and smaller, but that takes away from the great graphics you can get on the iPad, plus the longer battery life.  And the iPad is just so easy with its mac setup so it is still the #1 tablet out there.

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