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Security flaw with Windows Vista: Animated cursors

A new security flaw has been found in Windows Vista.  The animated cursor!  Animated cursors are icons used, whether cartoons, rockets, oversized pencils, etc., to replace the traditional cursor.  Usually, these cursors are first downloaded from the Internet and then installed on the computer.  By using an animated cursor, a hacker may take over your computer when viewing a malicious Website or e-mail.  Windows has released a patch to resolve this. 

The bigger issue here is that previous Windows versions also had the same security flaw.  This leads to critics complaining that Vista has been created from a base of old operating system code rather than an entirely new code.  Thus, bugs and issues in the past might still arise in the new Vista.  Microsoft argues that this version has been touted as the best security ever, but not necessarily as one that is perfect.

What should you do to avoid this?  Avoid using animated cursors!  Since most of these animated cursors are attained by Websites, some of these spyware-infested sites could allow hackers to use a portal to take over your computer.  The easiest way to prevent this security flaw is to not get started with animated cursors.  If you already have an animated cursor, remove the program from your computer.

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