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Security solutions for critical IT infrastructures

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. This has meant that the possibilities for protection have increased considerably and that security is guaranteed in many structural processes, especially in critical IT infrastructures, which is one of the areas that has been particularly vulnerable over the years.

Thanks to innovation, new and improved security solutions have been created that are tailored to the needs of users. Thus, all parties involved are kept safe. This involves utilities, energy providers, communication, and much more.

But for this protection to be possible, it is essential to have the support of professionals in the field who are able to provide security solutions for critical IT infrastructures. Thus, it is possible to be protected against the constant threat of hackers with cutting-edge technology that will always keep information safe.

What are security solutions for critical IT infrastructures?

Nowadays, maintaining high levels of security is essential, especially in critical industries. The threats that these types of systems receive on a daily basis are not the same as those experienced by the average person. This is why it is important to ensure that systems are protected in organisations across multiple industries.

It may seem that this type of protection only applies to a few sectors, but in reality this is not the case. It is used in agriculture, energy, food, transport and much more. When these solutions are applied, the structures of these sectors will be kept safe from all types of cyber threats, including of course terrorist threats.

For this protection to be possible, a comprehensive system must be in place that is tailored to the needs of each sector. In this way it is possible to protect, monitor and ensure that information and infrastructure is not changed in any way.

Why is it important to have security solutions for critical IT infrastructures?

With the development of new technologies, although useful solutions have been designed for society. This same development has led to threats to the infrastructure of different sectors. In 2021 alone, cyber-attacks increased considerably. An increase of 300% was recorded, which means that security measures need to be more targeted.

To avoid being exposed to cyber attacks, it is necessary to have a protection system in place. This helps to ensure that services for citizens are adequate, and avoids problems of different kinds in service areas such as drinking water, electricity, food, communication, medicine, transport and more.

The techniques used by hackers are becoming more and more specific. Hackers have already managed to circumvent systems in the past, and the aim is to prevent this from happening again, or at least to reduce the numbers. That is why security solutions for critical IT infrastructures have been designed with the intention of shielding systems from attack.

How to get security solutions for critical IT infrastructures?

Fortunately for organisations, new technologies have been designed to protect critical infrastructures. This is done by specialised companies such as Ecrin Systems, which has a series of very effective security solutions that are able to protect against attacks and keep the network invulnerable at all times.

Having these security solutions in place ensures that there are no equipment failures. Moreover, as it is done digitally and automated, there are no conflicts with the very frequent human errors. The best thing is that this technology is a step ahead, as you can identify attacks in advance, be aware of the network performance and be ready for any situation.

This company has extensive experience in the market. For more than 40 years, they have been providing efficient solutions to users in different areas, such as defence, security and aerospace. Moreover, no matter how complex the project seems to be, these professionals are able to provide the specific solutions needed.

Security solutions for critical IT infrastructures protection projects

Critical infrastructure protection is not something that can be left to just anyone. Qualified professionals are inevitable, and at ECRIN Systems they are the best. The company’s working system is project-centric. In this way they are able to tailor security solutions to the needs of each and every client.

Each of the projects they handle is completely customised. This is why they provide a thorough consultancy process in which they understand the needs of the project, as well as the client. Preliminary specifications are then established for the further development of the solutions.

Once it is clear what is needed, different solutions will be designed. All of them are optimal and adapted to the nature of the project. This will determine the level of reliability, the industrialisation process, the durability and the costs generated by one of these critical solution security systems.

In this way, each customer will have a unique and specific design in which everything from task planning, delays, quality, risks and opportunities are known.

Sectors in which security solutions for critical IT Infrastructures can be used

The positive thing about this type of security solution systems is that they are applicable to a wide range of sectors. Over the course of time, the field of application has developed in such a way that it can be used in industries such as mechanical engineering, wiring, electronics, thermal engineering, software development, industrialisation, environmental qualification and documentation.

This is possible because companies have designed application-ready systems. These can be applied to systems oriented to technology surveillance, aeronautics and defence. The best thing is that it is a reliable, quality process that offers competitive costs in the market.

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