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Sherpa review – Better than Siri? – Sherpa vs. Siri

Is Sherpa better than Siri?
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Siri is great, but there are always computer support companies looking to better the voice dictation service.  Sherpa is an Android app that is the next Siri, well, at least for the Android-based phones.  It will soon be available for iPhone support.  Don’t ask me what Sherpa stands for.  It’s based out of Spain, and I don’t understand Spanish!

Sherpa claims to be better than Siri by limiting search engines to provide results.  Instead, you’ll receive specific answers instead of a list of links.  Siri does the same thing until it can’t decipher your mumbling, unclear voice, or terminology.  With Sherpa, it learns your voice, tone, and way of speaking so it will improve with time.  It will interpret your voice better and provide direct results.

There are also some nice features with Sherpa.  It will shows mentions on Twitter, post directly to Facebook, pay through PayPal, hear a song, and more.  If you have an Android phone, you should definitely use it.  It will come out soon for the iPhone and believe it will give it a run for the money.  I can’t wait to use it on my iPhone also and may just push over Siri.

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