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Should I build my own computer – Should I buy a custom computer – Should I build my own desktop – Is it cheaper to build my own computer?

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A custom computer has its appeal.  You can build your own computer.  Pick whatever parts and components you want.  Have the fastest rocket on the planet!

Should you build your own computer?  The answer to this question lies in your computer expertise.  Are you a novice or IT expert?  If you’re a beginner and just want to be able to call it the John 3.1 machine, then don’t bother.  Why?  You should really have some IT experience in case there is a computer issue.  And there will be the occasional tweaks that will be needed.  It is not a conventional computer or one tested by Dell or HP so essentially you’ll have the test or guinea pig computer.  It will be vulnerable to custom flaws.

If you are the time who knows what parts you want, and have dabbled with computer support, then I’d say go for it.  Go for it if you are very particular with what you want.  The great aspect of building your own computer is you get to pick every single component you want, down to the thermal paste and sound card.

As per the cost, it’s definitely not worth it.  If we rewound to 2000 – 2008, then it would have been worth it since Dell, HP, and the other manufacturers price-gouged us pretty good.  But, the cost of computers has come down so much that you generally won’t be saving by building a custom computer.  Of course, if you’re creating a gaming or high-end machine, you’ll probably save a little bit.  But, the typical custom desktop computing system won’t offer much in the way of savings.

On our end, we will only help computers who bought their own parts.  We do not get involved in the custom computer consulting phase on what to buy.  It’s like designing a website.  It’s very subjective and we’d like to be involved here only during the scientific phase, not the artistic one.  And believe me, there are lots of architects out there, but less in the way of implementing.  So, we’ve been the rescuing finishers a lot of the times for custom computers.

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