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Should I buy a netbook – netbook purchase – Which netbook should I buy?

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We get this question a lot: “I’d like to buy a netbook.  Which netbook should I buy?”  The question should be, “Should I really buy a netbook?”

Expectations should be managed appropriately with netbooks.  Netbooks are great for a cheap, quick, portable option.  For $3-400, you can buy a netbook.  The value is unbeatable, but keep in mind that the operating system is a slimmed down version, and the processor and RAM are slower.  A netbook is meant to be used for basic computer support functions:  Internet access, email, and some software.

If you’re looking to run a video or processor-heavy software, a netbook is not for you.  If you want to use Microsoft Office on it, I’d suggest to not use anything else since Office is a memory hog.  If you’re looking for a full-fledged keyboard, look carefully for an Asus that would have something like that in the Eee series.

Keep in mind that netbooks are no longer be manufactured.  The tablets have really pushed netbooks out of the industry.  I bring that IT service point up because you’ll want to make sure that you at least get a one year manufacturer warranty out of it to guard against IT issues and defects.

As long as you know a netbook is not powerful and may not last long, go for and buy an Asus netbook.  After all, Asus was the pioneer in the netbook industry.

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