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Should I buy a new computer or upgrade my own for the Holidays?

Impulse buying is not good for anybody. You should have a set of parameters in deciding if a new computer is the right way to go. This applies to PC upgrades and Mac upgrades.

Here are the set of rules in figuring out if that brand new laptop, desktop, or tablet is a validated, reasonable purchase:

Rule #1: Is your computer old as dirt?

If your computer is 6+ years old, well, it should be time to have it kick the curb. The exception to this is if you’ve already breathed new life in it with upgrades, such as a solid state drive or RAM. If so, then it’s a judgment call. Is your system running smoothly with the upgrades? If so, then buying a new one is really just a luxury then.

Rule #2: Is your computer maxed out? Can it be upgraded?

maxed out macbook

On this one, see Rule #1. If your computer is relatively new or within 1-5 years old let’s say, if you can upgrade it, go for it. Why not save a few bucks.

Rule #3: Review the cost benefit analysis.

computer upgrades cost benefit

If it costs 50% or more of a new computer to get your current system up to par with the performance you need, then, you should opt to buy a new computer. But, if the cost is less than 50% which should last another 2-3 years and more, then, it makes sense to just upgrade your own laptop or desktop. Upgrades may include: solid state drives, RAM, video cards, and processors.

Rule #4: Sick of your computer?

Bored of computer

Psychology 101 plays into this one. Just need a change? Feeling bored? I’m no doctor, but if the winter blues or otherwise is setting in, it sounds like it’s time to buy a new computer. Yes, have a surge of shopping endorphins is fleeting, but it still feels good.

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