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Should I buy a phablet? – Should I buy Samsung Galaxy Note

Should-I-buy-a-phabletPhablets are the new tablet, or is it?  Phablets are the oversized smartphones you may see on the street.  They look like a little mini iPad, but they’re actually small 5 – 7-inch phones.  The most popular phablet is the Samsung Galaxy Note at 6 inches.  It’s little brother, the Galaxy S4 is at 5 inches.  Are they worthy of your purchase?

Let’s look at the logistics.  No need for an iPad, laptop, or phone.  Just buy a phablet and you have all three wrapped up in one.  One device for all.  That’s sounds good, right?  Yes, if you’re a commuter, travel a lot, or need ready access to a device with wi-fi, the phablet is for you.  But, and this is a big but, you need to be comfortable carrying a bag or having a jacket pocket or something big enough to tuck your oversized phone in.  That’s right, this is too big for your jeans or pants pocket, unless you’re still rocking bell bottoms.

Now, if you’re a subway straphanger or commute easily to school or work, having your phone in one hand easily is the way to go.  A phablet is a two-hand operation just like a laptop is.

So, the real question you have to ask yourself here is, “Does accessibility outweigh a big screen?” If it does, then a phablet is not for you.  If you want a big screen and don’t mind pulling your phone out of your bag, you can go with a phablet.  Phone tech support for both are easily supported so that’s a wash.

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