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Should I buy an All-In-One PC Computer?

Should I buy all in one PC computerAll-in-one computers are so pretty.  They take up just desk space and you don’t have to worry about lots of spaghetti cords under the desk.  Everything is tucked nicely into the screen.  No muss, no fuss.

Please note this discussion is not about iMacs as iMacs really don’t give you much of a desktop choice

Okay, now to the fuss part.  All-in-one’s are, by their nature, obsolete after some time.  While other laptops and desktops may be upgraded easily by easy swaps, including: ram, video card, hard drive, and motherboards.  The all-in-one beast is less likely to have any of these part upgrades.  Plus, taking care of these upgrades typically requires an all-in-one computer expert to open it up to upgrade.

When something goes wrong, everything goes wrong!  This means if the screen gets cracked, the part costs half if not more than the whole purchase of the computer.  The problem here is everything is built in so it’s very costly and challenging to replace.

If you want a cordless environment, your best bet is to buy a laptop and connect it to an external monitor.  This way, it is the ultimate way to save space and you can move your laptop around if you’d like.

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