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Should I buy iPad mini? – Why to buy the iPad mini? – iPad mini review

Should I buy iPad mini - iPad mini setup nycThe iPad mini has been the talk of the iPad town.  It’s small, portable, and functions just as well as its big-daddy iPads.  But, can you look past not having a retina-display screen?

Without further adieu, the answer here is a resounding YES!  Just right in and get your iPad mini.  If you have kids, it’s a no-brainer.  It weighs less for you and them to carry around and fits their hands perfectly.  For you as a home consumer and for fun, it’s portability is worth it.  You don’t need to worry about a big bag to carry it around in.  You can throw it in your jacket pocket or small bag.  As a business network user, you can do the same things the big iPads can do and, once again, the portability to bring back and forth to the office makes using it very easy.

I continue to talk about portability being key here because before the iPad mini arrived, it was more convenient to have your iPhone in your pocket and use that for apps and the Internet.  Finally, another device can be used instead of the iPhone to be used all the time whenever you need it.  It really is an iPhone, but without the phone aspect.  Of course, you may use apps to circumvent that and call who you’d like.  It really is the perfect gadget for surfing the Web, reading e-books, playing games, writing blogs for New York Computer Help (shameless plug), watching videos, and listening to music.  The price at $329 for a 16MB model is fair, but it’s an Apple supported device which validates the premium charge.  Get an iPad mini setup and change your world!

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