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Should I buy the new AirPort Express? AirPort Express vs. old one – New AirPort Express review – AirPort Express specs

The new AirPort Express is out.  2 notable differences:  It’s tiny and twice the speed.  That sure should be enough to validate plunking down a C-note for it, but is it really?

Let’s go to the specs to see what’s inside:

  • Tiny – Only 3.9 inches by 3.9 inches and weights 8.5 ounces.
  • Fast Wireless – It works on simultaneous dual-band 802.11 n wireless.  That’s twice the bandwidth of the old one.
  • Ports?  There is 100MB ethernet port to connect to your modem and another for a computer, switch, voice over IP, or printer.  A USB port is also available for a USB printer.
  • Audio?  Yes, there’s an audio mini-jack for analog or optical digital sound
  • Can it support my office network?  If you have 50 or less people, yes!

So, what fun stuff can you do?  You can set up and monitor your computer network with Airplay.  Just set up the app and you can secure and keep track of users, security administration, and more.  You can also set up AirPlay where you can wirelessly play iTunes to a speaker connected to your AirPort Express.  Another few perks are:  wireless printing capabilities, separate guest wireless network, and remote app control.

The question of whether you should buy the new AirPort Express answers in a resounding yes.  I just set up the AirPort Express and it literally took 2 minutes.  I love how small it is also.  You can put it anywhere.  You don’t have to be an Apple expert at all.

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