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Apple store / Genius Bar report card: D- / New York Computer Help report card: A+

Apple-store-genius-bar-is-badI’d like to bring up some commentary I’ve heard in the last month or so from customers’ experiences at the Apple store.  I’d say this is from about 50 people who have first gone to the Apple store, thinking their MacBooks or iPhones would be able to be quickly fixed, but they were downright wrong.

Here are some actual experiences from customers I’d like to share:

John:  I just came from the Apple store.  My MacBook Pro won’t power up.  They said I need a new logic board.  That means I’d have to pay $1,000 to fix it.  They’re crazy!  I’d like to confirm if it’s actually the logic board or something else.

New York Computer Help:  Sure, we hear this all the time since Apple really doesn’t like to repair their own products, but just look to go the easy way in replacing the whole logic board.  They also figure you won’t do the fix which means they win because you’ll spend more money to buy a new Mac.  Let’s take a look.  10 minutes later…Your fan needs to be replaced on your MacBook Pro.  That’s it.  Just $125.  1 hour later…MacBook Pro is running without a problem.  $875 cheaper than the Apple store and done in 1 hour versus 7-10 business days.

Verdict:  Apple: D-,  New York Computer Help: A+

Elizabeth:  Clumsy me, last night I spilled some wine on my MacBook Air.  Now, it shows power, but I see nothing on the screen.  Although it’s under warranty, Apple said I voided the AppleCare warranty by causing damage to it myself.  The Genius Bar quoted me $1,000 to replace the logic board.

New York Computer Help:  Hmmm, $1 Grand seems to be the cookie-cutter answer Apple is giving folks nowadays.  Okay, we are MacBook spill clean repair specialists.  Let’s have a look.  15 minutes late, Elizabeth, your spill just corroded the video port of your logic board.  We can fix it or just $85.  2 hours later and a lot of wiping down of logic board parts, the Mac is running flawlessly.

Elizabeth:  Wow, you guys are the best I’m never going to Apple for repairs again.

Verdict:  Apple: D-, New York Computer Help: A+

Luis:  My iPhone 5S screen cracked and Apple won’t fix it.  They just want me to buy a new iPhone for the price of $269.

New York Computer Help:  Yes this is a tale told many times.  People think Apple fixes iPhones, but they just charge crazy rates so they can give you a new phone instead.  Don’t you know, Apple just sells stuff.  They don’t do repairs.

Luis:  Wow, you just fixed my iPhone 5S in 15 minutes for only $135.  You guys rock!

Verdict:  Apple: E, New York Computer Help: A+

Need I say more.  I used to have more respect for the Apple support folks.  But, I place them just a notch above Geek Squad from Best Buy.  The difference is the Genius Bar actually have a kind personality whereas the Geek Squad are just complete morons.  I should be thanking both of these misfits.  They give us more business than ever by providing their substandard IT computer service.  Thanks Apple and Best Buy!

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