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Should I install an in-house server or share files online? Read about the 4 benefits for each IT solution.

in house server vs onsite cloud file storageWe get this question all the time. The big question is: Should I host my IT in-house with a server or outsource my files to the cloud?

As per the benefits for installing an in-house server, it would be advantageous for these companies:

-Offices where all staff are located in the one office
-Proprietary database or software is unable to be stored online or replicated
-For staff that are not computer-savvy and require hand-holding
-Just functionality required is for file storage, such as external drive, network attached storage drive, or other on-premise storage

As per the benefits for outsourced IT cloud file support, it would be advantageous for these companies:

-Staff has many locations, office location, remote, home, and other offices
-Internet connection is fast at office as solid throughput is required for multiple people accessing files online
-If prefer having online files and backup all in one place
-If prefer having email and file storage online, accessible anywhere

In the end, it does come down to your comfort level.  Some customers are against having their files out of their sight so they must have it in-house.  Others like myself enjoy having an instant file back-up by sharing files online.

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