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Should I install Chrome on my iPhone? – Chrome vs. Safari

Chrome-vs-safari-on-iphoneChrome is an amazing browser.  It’s fast and you can easily find your bookmarks whether you’re on a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, or another device.  Just log in and there they are.  It definitely beats Safari without a doubt in regard to its being peppy and user-friendly.  You can also open up multiple tabs with ease.  Plus, Safari is not really PC support compatible.  This means that Chrome defies operating system restrictions, allowing your Chrome browser to be Apple support compatible and Windows support compatible.

But, should you replace Safari on your iPhone with Chrome?  I’ve gave it a shot and immediately noticed the difference of how much faster it is.  I also really liked the ability to use it like a computer, grabbing my bookmarks I saved from my computer as well as my iPhone, and vice versa.  But, and this is a big BUT, any time I tried to click an email link, text link, or page link, it wouldn’t connect directly to the page.  The only way I could view the link was to copy and paste it over to the Chrome browser.  This is definitely a deal-break for me and I’m sure most of you too, so, for that reason, I do not recommend installing Chrome on your iPhone.  Of course, when the links will be able to go directly to their pages, then I’ll do a 180 and recommend Chrome without reservations.  Until then, Safari is still king of the iPhone.

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