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Should I install Linux – Why to install Linux – Linux install pros – Is Linux good?

Should-I-install-LinuxHave you heard of Linux?  It is the anti-Windows, anti-Apple, and anti-any other operating system.  Think about Apple in the hippie days when it went against Microsoft.  Well, that’s kind of how Linux has been for the last couple of decades.  It has always been the rebel to both Apple and Microsoft, but it really hasn’t picked up much traction.

Let’s get right to it.  Should you install Linux?  What is Linux all about?  First of all, it’s an alternative operating system you can install on your Windows computer.  If you’re not a big fan of the PC blue screen of death, then you should keep reading.  Not happy with your slow PC boot-up time or constant computer virus infections?  Well, Linux, like Apple, really doesn’t have any of that.

What’s different with Linux?  It’s an open-source operating system that’s free. Yes, that’s right, it’s free since it’s for the people by the people.  Developers may add code to it to further improve the software.  It’s lightweight which helps it running fast.  No viruses, no spyware no nothing.  How?  Viruses made for Windows are immune on Linux systems.

If you’re looking for a super-fast boot and shutdown time, and all-around time, Linux is great.  The big con is that you cannot install the same Windows and Mac software on it.  You’ll need to find free alternative software, such as OpenOffice, GIMP, and others.  If you are a cloud user, then it’s perfect for you.  You can easily go online and use your DropBox, Google Apps, or other cloud services.

All in all, Linux is a great system if you just want quick access to the Internet and don’t need to be weighed down by any heavy-duty software found on Macs and PCs.

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