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Should I outsource my IT / computer network? – Why to outsource IT / computer support

IT outsourcing NYCEvery business may ask: “Should I outsource my IT or computer network?”  If you haven’t thought about it, you should think about it.  It could save you thousands, sometimes millions. 

How can you decide if an outsourced IT company is for you?

  • Do you have enough work for a full time, 40 hour per week computer technician?  If not, then that’s a no-brainer.  You may outsource your IT support a few days a week, 1 day, or just hours per week.
  • Do you need a hand-holder or a specialist?  You may need someone to be present during your every trivial IT request.  In that case, an entry level IT tech will do.  But, if your company computer network is already pretty stable and want to take it to the next level, i.e. more security, better e-mail system, then an outsourced IT specialist is for you.
  • More tech or more business focus?  Having a tech sit around all day not only squanders operating costs, but also could impact where your business focus is.  With no real computer issues, the tech may experiment with betas, software, and operations that are unnecessary.  This is called job security!  Scheduling an outsourced onsite computer technician to come periodically will make staff realize they have a certain time to present a rolling list of non-urgent IT issues.  Then, they can get back to their main focus, business.
  • How critical is downtime for you?  If you hire a cheap IT computer tech for a full-time job, that’s great, but if he cannot fix the PC or Mac issue the first time around, can your business be put on hold?  An outsourced IT company is geared to be specialized to fix your computer issue, whatever the nature of it is.  It will be done fast and quick with a lot of experience and professionalism behind it.  At least, that is what an outsourced IT firm is supposed to provide.

At New York Computer Help, we specialize in outsourcing our IT professionals to companies in NYC.  It has been successful for companies who need IT coverage, but don’t want to spend a fortune for full-time or part-time IT help.  Further, our techs have at least 20 years of experience each behind them with a multitude of specialties.  It’s like getting expert attention and response for each tech problem as well as maintaining the whole computer network.  Less hands on deck, more money in your pocket, and more focus on your business.

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