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Should I remove the virus or reinstall Windows? – virus removal or Windows reinstall

Computer viruses are sometimes beyond removal.  But, when do you know that’s the case? Our virus removal experts are able to remove any virus.  I’m quite confident about that.  There’s always a way to manually remove a virus, it’s remnants, and any associated infections.

But, sometimes it’s still too late.  What does too late mean? At its worst, viruses can corrupt the Windows operating system.  There are ways to repair a corrupted Windows operating system, but sometimes the core components of Windows are far gone.  Some core components include the ability to connect to the Internet or networks via wireless or LAN connection or print.  But, it takes an experienced eye to know which Windows corruptions may still be salvageable and which require a Windows reinstall.  A Windows reinstall would include backing up your files first and then reinstalling Windows fresh.  That is obviously the last resort due to the time and configurations involved.

When a computer virus is present, you should definitely try to remove it first. Even if you perform a Windows reinstall, the virus should be removed to ensure the virus doesn’t also infect your files after the reinstall.  That being said, after attempting the virus infection removal, there is a chance that Windows core components are still not functional.  As mentioned before, sometimes there is a way to repair these components.  But, of course, there is a chance it is beyond repair.

If these Windows core components are not working after virus removal, then you should reinstall Windows:

  1. Networking – Cannot connect wirelessly or via network cable to the Internet.
  2. Printing – Printer worked before and although you tried to turn off and on the print spooler, downloaded/installed new print drivers and software, printing still doesn’t work.
  3. Control panel – This is a big one and pretty useless to operate if not working or missing.
  4. Internet Explorer – Although just a browser for the Internet, this is a major component of Windows.  If uninstalling / reinstalling Internet Explorer or a Windows repair doesn’t work, reinstall Windows.

Again, you should attempt to remove the virus first.  Our virus removal specialists have been able to bring back computers from the dead, including computers:

  • not being able to start up
  • starting up with just a cursor
  • not being able to open applications
  • freezing after loading Windows

So, don’t give up hope.  But, at the same time, save yourself some time by reviewing the above four Windows core components.  If they’re still not working following a virus removal attempt, then back up your files and reinstall Windows.

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