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Should I repair my old laptop? – Is it worth fixing my old laptop?

old laptop repair fix service
New York Computer Help will help determine if your laptop should be repaired. Is it worth it?

Your laptop is in distress.  It’s fallen down once again, but should you pick it up?  Should you fix your old laptop?  Is it really worth it?

A few factors must be looked at to determine if it makes economical sense to fix your old laptop:

  • How old is it?  If it’s over 5 years old, you should hold a short leash on any laptop repairs, only fixing it if it’s a quick, cheap computer fix with $85 at the cap.
  • How much is it?  Seek out an NYC laptop repair place that offers a free diagnostic.  That way you can decide if it makes sense.  The rule of thumb is don’t spend more than half of what the cost is of a new computer.  That rule is in effect for computer that are 1 – 4 years old or are in very good condition and have had operating system upgrades or RAM upgrades.
  • Bad motherboard?  Then, forgo the swap of a new one.  It will wind up being more than half the cost of buying a new laptop.
  • Dead hard drive?  You can easily replace it with a new hard drive and operating system.  That should be a definite go.  Your files on the other hand is a whole different ballgame.  You may require hard drive lab recovery or other fees to recover your files.
  • LCD screen issue?  That’s usually a go with costs being under $200.  If you have a specialized CCFL or other upgraded screen, that higher cost may not validate repairing your laptop.

Once you get your laptop diagnosed, you’ll be able to make the decision whether it’s worth it to proceed with the laptop repair or dump your old laptop once and for all.

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