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Should I use a case on my iPhone? – Should I cover my iPhone? – Should I protect my iPhone? – Will a case really protect my iPhone?

iPhone-case-should-i-use-oneTo case or not to case, that is the question.  Should you use a case on your iPhone to protect it?  Will it actually protect it against a fall?  Good questions.  Does it pay to hide the beautiful design of the iPhone.  The iPhone is a sleek piece of hunky metal.  Should you hide its curly locks?  Okay, I definitely digress here.  The question remains.

Should I use a case on my iPhone?  Well, all cases are not created equal.  Let’s start with that first.  The cutesy looking cases are usually the ones that are not too cool-iphone-cases-to-useprotective.  Speck, Incase, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs and other pretty designed cases usually don’t make the cut for being a fully protective case.  Yes, it may guard against your iPhone getting a crack or scratch on the back of the phone, but the front is pretty bare and naked still.  The only real reason to get one of the iPhone cases that just goes on the back of your iPhone is for grip.  It does feel much better holding onto your iPhone when there is a rubberized backing to it.  There is more traction or feel to it versus a slick, slippery iPhone back.

But, if you really want to protect your iPhone, go big or go home!  Yes, big and strong with Otterbox, Griffin, and Lifeproof.  Those are the big three that will protect your iPhone.  Sure, they are tank-like and may not fit in your slim, skinny jeans pockets, but if it’s protection you want, you must go big.  These guys will guard against iPhone drops, water, snow, dust, and other projectile substances.  Yes, you may go swimming with them, but don’t do an Ironman contest with them people!  Yes, you can take videos underwater with them also.  But, really, their pure reason for living is to ensure you don’t have a cracked iPhone screen.  Pure and simple.  The question you have to ask yourself is:  Does size matter?

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