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Should my company outsource IT service?


This is a big question we get, “Should my company outsource IT services?”  This is a good question and can make or break your company if you require long-term IT services.

Here’s where outsourcing IT for your company will prove to be a big plus:

  • You have a staff of 5 – 50.  This is a good number to outsource your IT.  Why? You may not have enough IT activity for a full-timer to higher.  Plus, each IT issue you have may be outsourced to an IT expert instead of pulling Henry from the mailroom for this task.
  • Nobody on your staff has computer expertise.  Well, this is a no-brainer.  Although you may have staffers who think they’re the world’s greatest geeks, it may be best to optimize their time with their own hired specialties.
  • Want to save money?  Yes, of course you do.  Hiring internally is costly.  You have to worry about giving hours to the tech even if he or she is twiddling thumbs waiting for something to break.  That’s the best part about outsourcing.  You pay for only the time needed to fix your issues.
  • Get an IT expert your staff can count on.  IT outsourcing companies have a slew of top-notch experts who handle different issues.  It is best to have a periodic maintenance plan where a tech comes every day for 2 hours, every week, or another plan that your staffers know and count rely on.  That way, a rolling list of issues may be brought up during the visit.  It’s called efficiency people!

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