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Should you upgrade from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Microsoft Exchange 2010?

Microsoft Exchange 2003 is a nice e-mail system for computer users.  It offers solid sharing among calendars, e-mails, and contacts as well as reliable file sharing and VPN access from home.  We are now approaching 2010 and Exchange 2010 has already come out.  Should you consider upgrading to Exchange 2007 or just going full-throttle to 2010.

The consensus is that Exchange 2010 is stable and the 3 main features of 2010 are worth the upgrade.

  1. E-mail recovery – With Exchange 2010, you can run a new feature called DAG, or database availability group, which means you can mirror mailboxes for future recoveries.  For instance, if your mailbox goes down, the mirrored mailbox will be easily accessible and useable versus a tape or external hard drive restore used with Exchange 2003.  Plus, if a company has 2 offices with servers, the IT administrator can store secondary mailboxes on the 2nd server so that if the 1st server crashes, the 2nd server would automatically be used as the primary server.
  2.   Non-bloated storage – Exchange 03 brings along with it the need to have lots of storage to swiftly run several mailboxes.  Exchange 10 has improved storage capabilities so you don’t need as much storage and can even run a basic SATA hard drive or external hard drive to support more e-mail users and storage.
  3. Easy multi-platform user support – Whether you have a Mac, iPhone, Blackberry or Linux, Exchange 2010 has built-in support for these users.  Exchange 03 and 07 do not offer seamless integration like this new Exchange version.

Overall, Exchange 2010 is a good version to go with.  Another nice feature is its integrated voice mail feature so that messages may be set up as text e-mails.  Overall, Exchange 2010, it is set up to work smoothly with Windows 7.  So, you can skip the Windows Vista and Exchange 07 versions and go right to the stabile Windows 7 and Exchange 2010.  Outlook 2010 is trickling out now, but it’s too early to give the 2 thumbs up yet on this version.

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