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Sick of charging your iPhone? – Here are 5 steps to improve your iPhone battery life

5 steps to improve iPhone battery lifeIt is not only annoying to constantly take out your iPhone charger, but it’s downright stressful to play Army commander all the time strategizing  where available outlets are anytime you leave our home.  You may have taken it another notch by carrying Mophie cases or rechargeable gizmos you throw in your bag or purse.

If you’re charging your iPhone more than twice a day, you need to follow these 5 steps on how to improve your iPhone service battery life.

  1. Brightness – This is the number one way to lengthen your battery life on your iPhone.  Try even 75% brightness and it is almost a 1 to 1 ratio of you saving 25% of your battery life.  Go to Settings->Display & Brightness and shift it down to save your battery and your eyesight.  You can also enable and play with Night Shift so you will save energy and battery life when it’s dark out.
  2. Disable Bluetooth – Unless you have your headphones plugged in all the time that are actually bluetooth or you’re in a car where you need bluetooth, turn these bluetooth off.  Or just turn it off when you don’t need it.  Otherwise, it is constantly looking to tether to a bluetooth device. Go to Settings->Bluetooth and disable.
  3. Don’t close your apps – Yes, you can look cool by showing your friend to close your background apps to increase speed.  But, it will inevitably eat away at your battery when constantly closing and opening up those same apps.  It is more of a battery-sucker to keep opening up your apps so being lazy wins here.
  4. Decrease your Auto-lock time – Having your Auto-lock time at the 5 minute max or Never will force your iPhone’s display to stay lit up longer.  Reduce it down to 30 seconds or something shorter to rest your display and battery.  Go to Settings->Auto-Lock
  5. Press the power button when possible – I’m not saying go cold turkey and power off and de-cord here.  I’m suggesting you should press your power button to turn off your display as much as possible. Similar to reducing your auto-lock time, giving your display a rest will reduce battery consumption and probably your sanity.  Go to your Pointer Finger->Power button and gently press for 1-2 seconds.

Of course, there may be the time where you may just need to replace your iPhone battery.  If it’s been a year or more, this may be enough of a reason to call in the special forces or a local iPhone repair shop for that matter.

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