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Sick of iPhones – What’s better than the iPhone – Best iPhone competitor

What smartphone to buy besides iphone 5sJust not feeling the iPhone?  Whether it’s because you’re sick of the hype or just want to try something different or cheaper, you have enough reason to make the jump.  After all, you’re not married to the Apple support folks.

Here are some other iPhone-level smartphones you may consider:

  • Galaxy S4 – Still an inch bigger and has a better resolution screen.  The battery is twice as long, and has more megapixels.  
  • HTC One – Almost an inch bigger and better resolution also.  Better battery and is at least $1-200 cheaper.
  • Lumia 1020 – Another bigger screen and slightly better resolution.  Windows operating system support and better megapixels, 41MP!  Also cheaper.

As you know, there are a lot of smartphones out there and many of them are cheaper, have a bigger screen, and longer lasting battery.  If you can get by not having the Apple store for your apps, the jump may be easier than you think.

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