Smart Home Repair

Servicing your Smart Home

what makes us different?

It’s easy to build your Smart Home from scratch.

But, what do you do when your Smart Home stops working?  The warranty is probably over. And good luck finding the original installers.

That’s where we come in.  We have been repairing smart devices, gadgets, computers and tech parts for three decades.

Further, we have deep expertise with networking and IT support.

If you have a Smart Home issue, we are specialized in getting you back up and running.

Music – TV – Video 

Take care of your media repairs – A/V, movie room, surround sound


smart kitchen lights lutron home nyc

Perfect your ambiance with your energy-efficient lights.


Smart shades setup in NYC

Servicing motorized window treatments for smooth operation.


repair smart home surveillance

Make sure security and remote video are working properly.


repair smart climate control nyc

Service your thermostat to create the perfect climate solution.


smart controls setup

Configure your remote control and buttons perfectly.

Our proud creations...

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We love designing and building smart homes. Looking forward to hearing what your dream home looks like!