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I spilled water on my MacBook! – What should I do to fix it? – MacBook Water Damage Repair in NYC

macbook water spill

Alright, you screwed up.  You know it and you feel bad about it.  And yes, you will probably keep that glass or bottle of water a little further away next time.

So, where  can the water actually go?  How much damage can it do?

Typically, the water goes straight to the keyboard.  And if you’re one of the lucky ones, the water went straight for the keys and that’s it.  The keyboard has an air-tight mechanism that usually encases water and debris.  So, hopefully, the Apple service design here works and you’re safe.  If that’s the case, you should expect your keyboard replaced or to have a MacBook top case replacement service.

If you have a waterfall of water that has fallen, well, you should expect more than a keyboard going bad.  You can expect the logic board being damaged, the battery, connectors, or more being affected.
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So, after your unfortunate MacBook water spill, here are the steps to take:

Step 1.  Turn off your MacBook immediately after the spill.

This will ensure that no further damage is caused.  Water on hot components is the worst so this well protect against this lethal combination.

Step 2.  Disconnect the power cable.

This step may be performed simultaneously with Step 1.  It’s key not to fry your MacBook, your outlet, or yourself.  You know, safety first!

Step 3.  Don’t turn your MacBook on.

I know it’s an impulse to turn it on and hope the light is shining on you while it miraculously turns on.  But, don’t do it.  You may cause more damage by shorting out components.

Step 4.  Turn it over and open up the screen.

Open up your MacBook screen all the way and have the screen and keyboard face-down on your table.  This way, the water will works its way away from the most-pricey part, the logic board.  By opening up the screen, the water won’t run down to the screen.  So, you’re basically protecting the logic board and the screen here.

Myth no-no:  Please don’t go the rice route.

This is a myth and just makes the clean-up harder to do.  Really, rice?  Yes, it absorbs.  I get it.  But, will it do anything.  Nope!

Rice on Macbook

Step 5.  Wait at least 24 hours.

Yes, wait a full day. This will give the liquid a chance to fully dry.  Hopefully, it has dried and not shorted out the components.

Step 6 if you’re brave.  Power on your MacBook.

Read Disclaimer!

Say a little prayer first of course.  See if you have power at all.  If you have power, test all your keys and trackpad.  Test your wifi, Internet, and all the normal modes of operation you go through.

Disclaimer: If there’s a chance liquid is still in your MacBook or if your MacBook is a little wet, it is better judgment to open up your MacBook to pat down and manually dry out the liquid.  This will ensure the active liquid doesn’t damage your MacBook up powering up.

MacBook not working well?

Well, duh! Seriously though, if you need help with a MacBook issue and you’re not an Apple laptop repair expert yourself, well you should call for reinforcement here.  Contact a local NYC MacBook repair company and see what exactly needs to happen to get your liquid spilled MacBook fixed.

What repairs may you expect from a liquid spill on your MacBook?

Your MacBook repair may range from a simple liquid clean-up inside to a keyboard replacement and MacBook logic board repair.  Get a free MacBook diagnostic to see what your next steps are.


27 thoughts on “I spilled water on my MacBook! – What should I do to fix it? – MacBook Water Damage Repair in NYC”

  1. I HAVE THE SOLUTION!! If you spill water on your Mac book /Mac Book Pro – if you have an air purifier, place it in a position where the air blows on the keyboard/screen where the liquid is until it’s dry. I put my Mac Book Pro in a V Shape over a towel so that the keyboard was upside down – then I positioned my air purifier a few inches away from the keyboard/screen – in 5-10 mins my computer was working just fine!!! I could not even turn it on after I spilled 1/2 glass of ice water on it!!! I could not believe it!!!! I think an air purifier works much, much better than a fan – I think the air purifier just sucks the water right out in literally minutes!! If you have a high quality air purifier, it can save your Mac Book!!

    1. Joe Silverman

      Hi Irina, I’m happy to hear this has worked for you. This is one route to take and may expedite the 24-hour waiting process. It is important to note to angle the purified in a way, if using one, to have it underneath the MacBook. Otherwise, if angled incorrectly, it could spread the liquid to other parts of the MacBook. That is the one concern to look out for. Otherwise, if one doesn’t have an air purifier, then leaving it alone for 24 hours while turning it over with the screen fully open is a good route to take. Thanks for sharing as I’m sure this will also help a lot of MacBook spill issue cases.

    2. Joe Silverman

      The air purifier is a good solution if you’d don’t have too much liquid damage. I’m a bit cautious with purifiers and fans that could push the liquid to other areas of the laptop so be careful if using one.

  2. Hi,water spilled from glass last night on my macbook.since then i m very upset as i dont know it waz required to immediately shut down.However i tired to dry as much as i canbut when i on it it has a sign that keyborad is not attatched and i was unable to sign in.Now i can log in everything but a strange type of noise starts when it starts that was previously absent.Kindly guide me what has happened to it and what i should do it happened on 25 july night .thnks

    1. Well, you’ll definitely want to make sure your Macbook is turned off for a couple of days if possible first. Please keep me posted how it turned out.

  3. I Spilled some Water on my Mac book above the key board the black piece that hold the screen not really sure if any got on the key board!!!! I wipe it off and picked it up touch a button then it cut off so I turn it up side down very little water came out !!!not sure if the battery went dead!! It’s been almost 48 hours I have it up side down on a crate with a fan blowing on it help don’t know what to do is it safe for me to try and see if it work?

    1. After 2 days time, then try to turn it on. For further help, our mac repair center is at 53 East 34th Street in NYC.

  4. i just turn my Mac book on after letting it sit ups said down for 48 hours from a water spill!!! It didn’t power on the screen is black but I can see that apple symbol in the middle of the screen!!!!please help someone do you think this MacBook can still be saved? at this point my faith is gone !!!! I never think like this!!!! Any advice from someone please help!!!!

  5. good news I went to the Mac store they fixed it and now my computer is up and running again it didn’t cost me a penny they said I just needed their touch I am so happy and grateful good luck to everyone!!! Any questions feel free to ask me!!!

  6. How did that happen? What did you tell them? I have water blotches on my screen/display but otherwise it works fine…

  7. My sister spilled water on my laptop, dried it up, turned it on to check it was still working and then plugged it back in so I wouldn’t notice. It’s no longer turning on, any advice on what I should do now?

  8. Hi Muffin7885, you can feel free to bring it to New York Computer Help at 53 East 34th Street, Fl 3. Free diagnostics are provided for a flat free cost. Specialized in Mac spill issues like this.

  9. I just split water on my MacBook Pro screen. It has a water stain in the lower right half corner. My computer is completely function-able! Is there anything that I can do to get the water out of the screen. Ive looked things up but none are for MacBooks. Any thoughts/ ideas? Has anyone done this? If so does anyone know a price apple gave you to fix it? Just did this 10 mins ago.

    1. Hi Nicole, Water in the screen is usually a done deal. You can certainly wait for it to dry out but once it gets in between the layers in the screen, it’s tough to clean out.

  10. I spilt water on my MacBook Air I immediately picked it up and dried it off it’s been sitting upside down for about 3 hours now. When can I try to plug it in and turn it on? Every so often the fan powers up.

    1. You should really have it opened up to check it out. Feel free to bring it in or ship it over for a free diagnostic.

  11. I spilled a good amount of water onto my MacBook Air keyboard in January. I was DEVASTATED. I Immediately flipped it over, turned on my blow dryer to cool air, turned it off and “dried it” then I left it turned upside down for about 3 full days without turning it on. It works PERFECT. I am so happy I didn’t pay apple $700 to fix it.

    1. Joe Silverman

      Great job, Beverly. Happy you avoided an expensive Apple fix. We typically are 50% less than Apple by the way. Apple way overcharges!

  12. God damn I already broke my previous MacBook a while back due to water damage and I’ve only had this one for a bit and now my dads gonna fucking kill me

  13. I just spilled water on my macbook keyboard and left to dry for about 8hours now with a fan and cotton cloth. I am still panicking. Please tell me if im doing this right? I am super tempted to turn it on again…when exactly do u suggest me to turn it back on?

    1. Joe Silverman

      Good question, Stacy.. it depends how much liquid spilled on it, but good rule of thumb to be safe is to wait a full two days.

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    1. Joe Silverman

      Unfortunately, this rice myth creates more damage cleaning the rice from all the crevices of the MacBook. We have also seen maggots and lil’ nasties form from this dried rice. Not the ideal solution here.

  15. Hi! I spilled about a quarter cup of water on the left hand side of my keyboard. I turned off my laptop within about a minute (I decided to put it to its side and wipe it first). I flipped it over for about 10 minutes then ran a hair dryer on the keyboard for a few minutes after that. When I was cleaning with a towel again I accidentally clicked power button And my computer turned on but I hit shut down really quickly! I’m worried that it turning on could cause my laptop to short? What should I do?? I currently have it flipped over on a pillow and haven’t touched it- it’s been an hour so far. I can’t get a new computer and obviously during this time I can’t go to a repair shop either! Should I just wait? What are the chances my computer will work normally again since it wasn’t like a whole glass spill?

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