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Spilled water on iPhone? – Get $200 for wet iPhone – iPhone water spill – iPhone spillage? – NYC iphone repair – iPhone repair NYC

iPhone water spill NYC
New York Computer Help – fix your iPhone that has liquid damage

Spill water, beer, wine, or an unknown substance on your iPhone?  Don’t worry, you can get Apple to pay you $200 for it.  Okay, it’s not that simple, but as of late, Apple is forking up $53 million to settle a class action suit to make up for denied warranty claims.

Specifically, Apple was unwilling to repair iPhones when the iPhone water indicator showed that there was liquid damage.  The Apple iPhone warranty policy does not include fixing iPhones that have liquid damage since that would be a customer-induced incident, not a defect from the iPhone.  However, there is proof that the water indicator tape may turn pink, as it does when it senses water, if there is humidity and not water contact.  So, the water indicator is useless and all water spills, within reason, should hold up.

This is really good news.  This means that even if you spilled some liquid on and in your iPhone, Apple will have to fix it since it’s water indicator is useless.  More likely, you’ll get a new phone.  Of course, if your iPhone is soaked and every part shows liquid damage, you’re out of luck.  Your iPhone needs to show no sign of corrosion, and you’ll be eligible for warranty service.

As of our iPhone repair service in NYC, a liquid spill on an iPhone is typically a dead-end.  Liquid usually damages the logic board which is a couple hundred dollar part.  That part also contains all the data.  If the spillage is light, we can clean it off and the iPhone may be used again.  But, if your spill had a heavy hand, your best bet is to haggle with the Apple store genius folks.  If you have a cracked iPhone screen, well, that’s a no-brainer and we’ll fix that on the spot for you!

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