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Splashtop remote – the lazy man’s way to remote control your PC with the iPhone – iPhone remote control

Splashtop remote allows you to control your PC with your iPhone.  You can also do it with your iPad which gives you much more display space to work with.  Here’s the skinny on the Splashtop specs:

  • remote control your PC with the iPhone
  • must be on the same wi-fi computer network
  • able to play Flash which is not able to be done on your iPhone
  • great way to remote control your music library, watch videos, or other content

Please note the big limitation in needing to be on the same wi-fi network.  This means you cannot remote from home to the office or vice versa.  That’s why I’ve dubbed this the lazy man’s PC remote control since you’re actually in the same place where your PC is.  For only $1 though, this is a great way to play videos that require flash since the iPhone still cannot handle it.  So, you can keep your kids or yourself occupied with your iPhone for hours.  Or you can listen to some music with your iPhone during a workout or rest session. 

Overall, Splashtop is a nice way to play media from your PC with your iPhone without being chained to your desk.  Plus, it’s a quick way to play your PC media content without having to worry about iPhone syncing all the time.  It doesn’t require advanced computer support so it’s worth trying.

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